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Everyone wants an impeccably clean home and the importance of home cleaning is twofold if the place is to be rented out. Generally, it is believed that tenants are responsible to clean the home, apartment or office before they leave. Nevertheless, it is factual that cleaning is not a piece of cake when you are about to leave a rented home. Thusly, we proffer our End Tenancy Cleaning Hertfordshire. Our workers are expert in performing their cleaning tasks and they revive the beauty and elegance of your place. When tenants are gone we make homes perfectly ready for reuse.

End Of Tenancy Cleaning Services | Hertfordshire

There are many things that keep you preoccupied when you are going to leave a rented residence. Thought of cleaning the house that you are leaving comes in mind at the last moment. If you are facing such a situation and looking for “end of tenancy cleaning near me” then we assure you to provide unmatched services in Hertfordshire. We efficiently embark upon the mission of cleaning a home thoroughly. Our cleaners make every nook and corner shine.

We are known for our end of tenancy carpet cleaning Hertfordshire services and always use environment-friendly methods for all cleaning jobs. Our services leave your carpets free of dust and grime. Moreover the texture and colour of carpets remain intact. So if you are going to leave the home you are currently living in and dirty carpets are a nuisance to deal with then we can treat these carpets for you.

Cost-Effective End Of Tenancy Cleaning

One of the biggest hurdles that prevent people to hire a professional end of tenancy cleaning Hertfordshire services is the expenses. If one has to move to a new place he pays of rent to his landlord. Then he will pay for the new apartment where he intends to move (some landlord demand advance payment). Moving companies also charge for their services. Most people aren’t in a position to afford professional cleaning services. Realizing these facts we keep our end of tenancy cost within the range of your affordability.

We have no hidden charges for our cleaning services. We clean kitchens, bathrooms, cabinets, cupboards, appliances, windows and blinds completely. You will surely find our services different from others because we have quality in our work plus the end of tenancy cleaning prices is nominal.








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Important Note Regarding COVID-19


Special services during Corona Virus Lockdown:

Disinfect and sanitize your house, office, or workplace from COVID-19. 

Herts Cleaning & Maintenance is still operating as usual but with extra precautions. We are still doing Home Surveys; with this in mind, we will only be doing them in 3 different ways.

  1. 1. Get estimates and video survey done via WhatsApp
  2. 2. Self-survey, in which we will send you an email with a link to access your self-survey
  3. 3. Telephone survey.

Due to the current situation with the Covid-19 Virus, we will be supporting the government's guidelines on social distancing. This instruction, however, does NOT mean we will not be working!!

If you need our services for cleaning or if you want to get your workplace/house sanitized, please be assured that we have the following guidelines in place.

  1. 1. All staff will be wearing disposable gloves that will change several times during your move and disposal.
  2. 2. All staff will carry hand sanitizer and will have water and hand wash in all vehicles.
  3. 3. We ask anyone who has a cough, high fever, or self-isolation that they tell us immediately.
  4. 4. We also ask that our customers vacate their premises while we work – this is due to the government's guidelines on social distancing.

If you are worried about anything, we will be at the other end of the phone at all times.

We are well set up for this just by the nature of how we already work.

We are committed to helping all of those who will still want to move; we will work with buyers and sellers to arrange the best way to visit their property, which includes virtual home surveys.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at

+44 7830 508777

+44 7308 187737

+44 7575 505921

Please email us at info@hertscleaningandmaintenance.co.uk.