A good quality carpet is an asset that adds warmth and homelike beauty to your house. Keeping in view its utility, it becomes incumbent upon us as users to give it the attention and care it deserves. In order to best cater the needs of our customers, we have listed below some tips that may be treated as a care guide to your carpets and wool rugs.

The first thing to do is vacuum it regularly, at least twice a week. Wool Carpets and Rugs, unlike normal carpets, tend to accumulate more solid, and have a tendency of letting stains and spills go deep inside them, therefore it is necessary that they be treated with double the care one naturally renders towards carpets. Cleaning once during the week, and once over the weekend can give your wool carpet a longer and healthier life.

If possible, place mats at all entrances that lead to places where your wool carpets are placed, and in case your house is in a place where it rains a bit too much, or there is a strong likelihood that shoes are going to get muddy, try removing them at the door and cleaning your feet before coming in the carpeted area.

In cases where something has been spilled, and you think that it might leave a stain back, try soaking the liquid from the carpet as soon as possible, and subsequently wash the affected area with dishwashing soap, or baking soda. These both methods work best for oily stains. Dishwashing Soap dissolves oil particles, which can then be soaked away using a dry cloth. Unlike dishwashing soap, baking soda actually absorbs oils, thus giving you the chance to brush it away using a vacuum etc. Once you have done this, wash the affected area with cold water, and clean it up with fresh cloth.

As they say, care is better than medicine for the human body, the same goes for carpets, specially woolen carpets. Try taking care of it before something goes south by regular vacuuming, using mats at all entrances, removing shoes and washing feet before putting your feet over the carpet, and restricting eating to places where the carpet isn’t present.

Despite all the care and caution, accidents do happen, and in cases where you feel that everyday methods have failed, we appreciate contacting us to help you get relieved of these unnecessary tensions of stained carpets. We at Herts Cleaning treat all sorts of stains, and would be happy to be of assistance to your house.