While staying in the house, we often tend to cleanliness only to the extent of our requirements and needs. Taking care of tidiness is one thing, but making it mint for the next coming tenant is a different story altogether. Keeping in view the needs of our clients, we have conducted a research and made available all necessary details pertaining to end of tenancy cleaning, and its costs.

Before delving any further into the details of costs, we must first understand why professional help is necessary in these situations. As an example, suppose that the process of final cleaning is a heart transplant, while the professional you hire for the purpose is the cardiologist and surgeon – can you get a transplant properly without a professional? Let’s say you hire a quack, who opens the chest but does things so sloppy that the patient on the table ends up losing life or limb. It is therefore necessary that things minute as these be left to professionals to avoid unnecessary tensions in the future. The daunting task of deep cleaning your home and the high expectation of your landlord necessitates that help from professionals be sought.

It is but natural to expect that the job comes at a price and depending upon the amount of work at hand as well as the professional’s reputation, the costs can fluctuate. But, before being distressed over money going out of one’s pocket, one should also consider the factor that compared to disputes with landlords and cost of litigation that might arise thereof, this price is worth every dime.

The final price for the project shall of course depend upon several factors, as mentioned before, i.e size of cleaning, amount of work, the reputation of professionals, but in most cases, this cost comes somewhere between £200-£520.

Another factor that affects the final price is the number of professionals one requisites for the task. For example, if you hire ten cleaners for a job, while another person hires five professionals for the same amount of work, the price in his case shall naturally be less than you. Along With this, we should also keep in mind that rates will fluctuate on the number of man-hours that shall be needed for cleaning of a particular house. On average the price for end-of-tenancy cleaning in the UK is around £300.

As mentioned before, deep cleaning of one’s house at the end of tenancy through a professional has its upside in saving your deposit from unnecessary deductions as well as the labor-intensive task of cleaning the house.

Collecting data from the market, provided here is the approximate amount of money that you will have to spend for an end-of-tenancy cleaning of the house.