Our comprehensive checklist of the end of tenancy reflects is based on our knowledge of inventory check requirements that we have gathered over the years and it is a testimony of our cleanliness standards that are deemed mandatory by the London letting agents. Through our business, we have carried out hundreds of end of tenancy cleaning jobs in London. Our end of tenancy cleaning End of Tenancy Cleaning St Albans services span over the following areas of the house:


Scrubbed doors, tiles

Bins to be cleaned

Polishing (If required) and cleaning of taps and sink

Cupboards and drawers cleansed thoroughly from inside

Cleaned microwave

Cleaned Fridge


Windows and doors to be cleaned

Furniture to be wiped over the cupboards and wardrobes

Cleaning of skirting boards

Full Vacuum cleaning under the bed and carpets if applicable


Windows and mirrors

Fixtures and fittings of the cupboards to be cleaned

Floors to be washed and polished

Windows and doors to be cleaned

Toilet to be cleaned

Light Fittings to be cleaned


Full Vacuum under sofas and carpets

Cleaning of skirting boards

Cleaning mirrors and pictures

Stairs and Hallways

Complete Vacuum of hallways and stairs

Cleaning of skirting boards

Light fittings to be cleaned

We guarantee that all of your property will be cleansed entirely and professionally, keeping in mind the highest standard of cleaning. We shall help you in getting your deposit back because we are aware that how important it is for you to have a professionally cleaned and well-maintained property.

Having a clean property when one of your tenants moves out means that you will be able to get back as much of the deposit as possible. And we assure you that we are one of the best cleaning companies out there because we have a vast experience in this field.

It works by one of our representative visiting your property to discuss which areas need to be cleaned and after that, we provide a written estimate of the schedule and pricing which will be confirmed by you and the end of tenancy cleaning St Albans service will be carried out according to these instructions.

Our end of tenancy St Albans cleaning staff is equipped with all latest cleaning equipment and completely trained with how to use them appropriately and professionally. We have been serving as a leading cleaning company in London for a long time which makes us one of the most reliable end of tenancy cleaning company in London.