End of Tenancy Cleaning in Bedfordshire

Keeping the commercial offices or residential houses maintained is an obligation that everyone has to fulfil in order to operate smoothly, and especially for the big companies end of tenancy cleaning has become mandatory and cannot be neglected. The main reason for the maintenance of the buildings and infrastructure is the deterioration caused by the severe weather conditions like heavy snowfall, rainy season or extremely hot summer. The value of the house may depreciate if it is not kept in peak condition.

For the past two decades, Herts Cleaning and Maintenance, has been famous and renowned due to the professional business attitude and well-trained expert level craftsmen nearby Luton, Milton Keynes, Bedford, and St. Albans and Watford areas. Horticulture, sanitation and plumbing, electric wiring and other electrician’s services, the furnishing of rental properties, end of tenancy cleaning required for the upkeep of the house and other services necessary for cleaning. All these aforementioned jobs come under the handyman services that were beginning of Herts Cleaning services.

Our major service includes house painting. The external exposure of house walls to the extreme weather tears down the paint thus arises the need for repainting. Cleansing of carpets through steam is specialised service focused on sanitary cleaning of floorings, rugs, and mats. Removal of dust, microbes (germs) and pathogens is made easier through the vacuumed steam wash. Courtyard cleaning is also done for the specific customers that need their terraces and patios cleaned. Corroding of the driveways and patios, unnecessary weeds growing in the terrace can be cleansed using our patio cleaning services. Remodel and revamp your place by utilising our facilities and services to redecorate the exterior of your house. Carpentry is an important component in the overall servicing and repairing of the home. All the woodwork that goes into wooden doors, walls, ceilings, windows, exterior gates and fence surrounding the house needs restoring from time to time. When the time is right and the need arises for end of tenancy cleaning or house maintenance contact us at hertscleaningandmaintenance.co.uk to rid of you’re the problem of housekeeping. We promise to deliver the best services and your satisfaction is our motivation.

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End of tenancy cleaning services in Bedfordshire

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Important Note Regarding COVID-19

Special services during Corona Virus Lockdown: Disinfect and sanitise your house, office or workplace from COVID-19.

Herts Cleaning & Maintenance  is still operating as usual but with extra precautions. We are still doing Home Surveys; with this in mind we will only be doing them in 3 different ways.
1. Get estimates and video survey done via WhatsApp
2. Self-survey, which we will send you an email with a link to access your self-survey
3. Telephone survey.
Due to the current situation with the Covid-19 Virus we will be supporting the government’s guidelines on social distancing. This, however, does NOT mean we will not be working!!
If you need our services for cleaning or if you want to get your workplace/house satinised, please be assured that we have the following guidelines in place.
1. All staff will be wearing disposable gloves and will be changed several times during your move and disposed off.
2. All staff will carry hand sanitizer and will have water and hand wash in all vehicles.
3. We ask anyone that has a cough, high fever or are in self isolation that they tell us immediately.
4. We also ask that our customers vacate their premise while we work – this is due to the governments guidelines on social distancing.
If you are worried about anything we will be at the other end of the phone at all times.
We are actually really well set up for this just by the nature of how we already work.
We are committed to helping all of those who will still be wanting to move, we will work with buyers and sellers to arrange the best way to visit their property and this includes virtual home surveys.
If you have any questions please feel free to contact at
+44 7830 508777
+44 7308 187737
+44 7575 505921

Email us at info@hertscleaningandmaintenance.co.uk